Never mind the economic crisis - people will always be compelled to donate to political leaders who articulate shared beliefs. This is especially true in Europe, where small parties can tap into popular frustrations with the state's poor fiscal performance; and in Africa, where business interests seek to sponsor leaders who can deliver on their promises of recruiting investment and opening up new markets.

We help clients organize their fundraising efforts to substantially increase campaign war chests.


"Elections aren't about you. They're about the voters."

The political graveyard is full of candidates and parties who projected their own passions upon the public, without bothering to ask what the voters really needed or wanted to hear.

We introduce our clients to the most powerful quantitative and qualitative research techniques available. The "political magic" that comes from our Focus Groups and Surveys can revolutionize the way a campaign communicates with the public.


In the heat of the fight and the stress of the campaign, parties and candidates tend to adopt a "bunker mentality", making poorly calculated moves that appease their most die-hard supporters but alienate voters at large. The best cure for this destructive behavior is a concrete region-by-region plan with targeted messages tested in the research phase, and validated on an ongoing basis.

We help clients determine who they need to talk to and what they need to communicate to those key voter blocs in order to win.


The greatest and most detailed quantitative survey isn't worth the paper it's printed on if a crisis develops. For this reason, we establish a "war room" to centralize all information going into and out of the campaign, in order to observe, analyze, and strategize on developments in the political environment.

With our team on the ground 24/7 with our clients, we then make game-changing moves that leave opponents wondering how their fortunes crumbled so rapidly.


It is difficult to overstate the impact that social media platforms like facebook and twitter can have on an election. Even in the past 2 years, the growth in their importance in political contexts has been extraordinary. Yet many parties and candidates see these as a side project to be run by youth activists.

We help clients channel the online efforts of those activists by developing an integrated social media platform, harmonizing facebook, twitter, youtube, and other activity with campaign goals like fundraising and GOTV.


Parties and candidates struggling to change the status quo in emerging democracies know the difficulty of projecting the right image externally. Washington and Brussels give lip service to free elections, while playing favorites within the political establishment. Nevertheless, there are decision makers abroad willing to support competing forces if approached in a professional way.

Working with our partners, we help clients identify and persuade the right influencers on the international stage.

Winning elections WORLDWIDE

Success in elections and victory in political campaigns is much more science than art. Many candidates and parties don't realize that because they put faith in local providers to run their campaigns exclusively. But a creative agency - no matter how attractive the billboards, ads, and spots they produce - cannot create strategy. Likewise, a local communications or PR agency - no matter how clever or well-networked with local media - cannot control what the voters are talking about.

Your local team is deep in the details, fighting fires amongst the trees. Let us offer a broader perspective and help you see the whole forest.


We offer a "menu" of valuable tools, each of which can be deployed at the appropriate time, from the moment a party is formed to long after they've gained access to power. Among these are:

  • raising money for campaigning or party-building both in-country and abroad,
  • conducting public opinion research to know what voters are really thinking about,
  • devising a strategy to win elections (be they local, regional, primary, parliamentary, or presidential) based on the dynamics of the political environment,
  • overseeing disciplined and message-oriented communications, including speechwriting and debate preparation,
  • ensuring that clients maximize the advantages of social media, and
  • lobbying for clients' causes in foreign capitals.


About Us

Rooted in the competitive and trend-setting world of US political campaigns, we bring our international clients proven political techniques and cutting-edge electoral strategies to achieve victory. Led by noted strategist George Ajjan, the firm leverages his wealth of experience working across 5 continents to bring our select clients world class strategic advice.

Additionally, we have access to an exceptional network of the world's most sought-after opinion research, media, fundraising, and lobbying experts, and are unique among American consulting firms with our ability to deploy a full-time on-the-ground presence anywhere in the world.

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